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Best Electronic Cigarettes Compared

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The super quality V2 electronic cigarettes

Science and technology has witnessed the evolution of cigarettes into what is now known as the electronic cigarette. This also goes by the name of e-cigarette or e-cig. To better expound on this, e-cig is a unique device that is used to heat up liquid that has nicotine in it to give vapor. The user will then inhale the vapor, which is another way of delivering nicotine. Contrary to conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not have ash, smoke, burning or irritating smell.

V2 cigs is one of the companies that is known to produce the finest electronic cigarettes ever.

If you have been smoking and you need to try something different, you might consider placing an order for the E-cig starter kits. One good thing about the starter kit is that it gives so much in terms of variety. Normally, it is packed with different flavors to give you the opportunity to experience them and find one that goes well with you. Furthermore, you have the power to decide whether you want a manual or automatic e-cig battery. The rest is very simple. You just have to attach your e-cig battery to the cartridge that has your favorite flavor and you can begin smoking.

Introducing the new EX Series from V2 Cigs from V2 Cigs on Vimeo.

By choosing this starter kit, you can really save so much. The starter kit comes with both an automatic and manual battery. This is to allow you to determine the one that works best for you. There are also ten e-cig cartridges, each with a different flavor! This is so much variety to choose from. The party does not stop there as you will also get an e-cig USB charger that has a wall adapter. This e-cigarettes starter kit is a sure way of saving money.

Research shows that one cartridge of e-cig is equivalent to about ten packets of conventional cigarettes! If you were in doubt about making a saving, your doubts should now be clear. Something else is that the use of conventional cigarettes is banned in many areas. As a smoker, one does not enjoy the freedom and space to smoke anywhere they want. However, the situation is different with electronic cigarettes. You could even say that they are allowed anywhere. It is particularly interesting to see nurses puffing in hospitals. The absence of smoke, combustion and irritating smell makes e-cigs almost unnoticeable. Very few people will notice their presence. If you are tired of smoking in hiding, buy your freedom with electronic cigarettes.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes are very user friendly. Their design places the atomizer in the flavor cartridge. Apart from the e-liquid coming in ten different flavors, nicotine also comes in different strengths. These are 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine. This is amazing as you could choose e-cigs that have 0% nicotine! Furthermore, depending on how you want the nicotine, you can control the amounts very easily.

The flavor carts range from sahara, congress and red colors. Therefore, anyone who wishes to get variety of choice, quality products and save, they should embrace electronic cigarettes. Using coupons gives you a chance to save and enjoy huge discounts when purchasnig these cigarettes.


E Cig Reviews For 2013

Crucial Points from Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

If you are looking for information of whatever type about electronic cigarettes, your best bet is consulting electronic cigarettes reviews. In these reviews you can get valuable information that can help you to decide on which electronic cigarette to buy. You can also get important updates about the electronic cigarettes that are of particular interest to you. It is not uncommon to come across a person who has never heard about electronic cigarettes. The rapid increase in the popularity of these revolutionary gadgets will however make the term ‘electronic cigarettes’ be used as frequently as common terms such as bread.

What an electronic cigarette is and how it works

Several decades ago, a Chinese pharmacist came up with the idea of an electronic cigarette. This was way back in 1963 and the first patent of an electronic cigarette design was filed by the company he worked for. Many years passed before the electronic cigarette saw the light of day with commercial production. To be precise, exactly four decades passed and the same company made the world’s first working electronic cigarette. Many electronic cigarettes reviews followed and the company saw the potential of the revolutionary new device to be used to make a lot of money.



e cigarette reviews

Commercial production of e-cigs began in 2003 and the cigarettes became wildly popular.

The popularity of the cigarette was an indication of how seriously people wanted to get away from the consequences associated with smoking tobacco. Soon afterwards, many companies popped up and began producing their own variations of electronic cigarettes. Today the electronic cigarette is on the verge of loosening the stranglehold that tobacco cigarettes have on smokers. The cigarettes are so revolutionary that they are allowed in areas where tobacco smoking is not allowed. In addition to that, the cigarettes contain substances that do not pose any risks to peoples’ health.


An electronic cigarette works in a very simple manner. It has three segments namely: a cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery. The atomizer heats up after drawing power from the battery and when a person takes a puff, he causes a liquid substance to flow from the cartridge to the atomizer. Once the liquid reaches the atomizer, it is heated up and quickly turns into vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by the smoker and it produces the same feeling of smoking tobacco cigarettes. The experience varies from one cigarette to another and it is advisable for a person to consult electronic cigarettes reviews before buying a new electronic cigarette brand.

Reasons for the popularity of electronic cigarettes

Regardless of the electronic cigarettes reviews you go through, the benefits of electronic cigarettes remain largely unchanged among the various brands in the market. These benefits are the reasons why many people prefer to buy electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette used to be a bulky and generally hard to deal with. People did not like the way electronic cigarettes felt in their pocket, it was not comfortable to hold and smoking it did not provide a very good experience. The appearance of the cigarette was also a deal-breaker when people were deciding on whether or not to buy it. There have been many changes in electronic cigarettes that people are now accepting them as serious substitutes for tobacco cigarettes. The following are the reasons why it was difficult for people to completely ignore the electronic cigarette according to many electronic cigarettes reviews.

  • There is absolutely no harm in smoking electronic cigarettes as opposed to smoking tobacco. Although tobacco can cause several health conditions such as cancer, weakened immune systems, and dental discoloration, electronic cigarettes are completely safe to use. Many people are now adopting the use of e-cigs in order to avoid the health risks of tobacco smoke.
  • Electronic cigarettes are quite cost-effective. The cost of smoking electronic cigarettes is much lower than that of smoking traditional cigarettes. This is because of the relatively lower price of cartridges compared to packs of cigars. A single cartridge is equivalent to a pack of tobacco smokes.
  • Electronic cigarettes are more acceptable to the society than tobacco cigarettes. This is mainly because they don’t produce irritating smoke or pose risks to other people.
  • The use of electronic cigarette gives us the hope of a greener world. Electronic cigarettes do not produce gases that are responsible for many environmental disasters. Carbon dioxide is one of the main components of tobacco smoke and it is responsible for global warming. There are several other gaseous products of tobacco smoke that have adverse effects on the atmosphere.
  • You can use electronic cigarettes in many places including tobacco-restricted areas. Tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are significantly different and are therefore regulated by the same laws. In fact electronic cigarettes are largely unregulated and only recently did we start to see efforts being made to regulate the industry.

SmokeStik Flavors

2013.01.23 02:28PM

E Cig Bran SmokeStik Adds 4 Fabulous Flavors to their Cartomizer Line

Smokestik has introduced more flavor variants into the market with its new SmokeStik Flavor Cartomizers, which now present a wider range of flavors to choose from aside from the standard menthol and tobacco.  This can translate to bigger share of the market and an increased presence in the industry.

Check Out Full SmokeStik Review on White Smoke E Cig Reviews HERE:


V2 Cig Benefits: For Your Health, the Environment, and Savings Using V2 Cigs Coupon Code

2012.08.29 03:53PM

Avail the Benefits of Special V2 cig coupon code 15 - EVAPE15

If you are looking for a better alternative for your smoking habit, then V2 is the best option. These e-cigs branded company has been successfully catering to all their client’s smoking needs. Such is the successful of these products that users all over the world now order for these products.


Shipping many a times is done with no charges or fees. The charges, if any mainly depends upon the place you want them to be shipped.

The cost of the product is quite inexpensive when compared to any other branded products that are available in the market. V2 is one of those companies that offer lifelong warranty on all their products. In case any of the products fails to function as designed, then they will certainly replace them without charging any additional cost.

Impressive Coupon Codes:

V2 is one of the famous companies that offer lucrative discounts to users on any products they purchase. They can check on the coupon codes that can be easily procured from some of the leading websites, promotional magazines, or others. If you are looking to purchase a product in bulk then, V2 cig coupon code 15 - EVAPE15 is something that will surely impress you.
With the help of these coupons, you can easily avail a discount up to 20 percent on the purchases of any smoking kits. E-cigs come with many accessories that make them quite beautiful. You can utilize these codes for purchasing some of mandatory accessories, which includes cigarette cases¸ flavors, batteries, and many others.

Importance of Coupon Codes:
The company is now offering v2 cig coupon code 15 - EVAPE15, not only to promote their sales but to ensure that their clients get the best deal. All of their deals are quite impressive and lucrative when compared to any of their competitors. The method to use the code is quite simple and it reduces the price of the product.

There are better offers that are rolled at the time of festivals or other special moments. You can certainly think about purchasing the product at this time and present it someone who is near and close to you. Indeed it will be a special gift as you are helping them to quit smoking the conventional cigarettes.

In this rough time of economical crisis, people definitely want the best products at a lower price. V2 understands their users need and thus ensure to roll out impressive discount plans that will motivate them to purchase more. They definitely don’t have to bother much about spending a huge amount for purchasing them.

Features of V2 code  EVAPE15:
Users can definitely think about purchasing a huge quality product without impacting their budget
You need to mention the code details on the website, while purchasing the product
It will automatically reduce the price of the product. You can add as many products as you want on your cart and claim the discount

It is quite essential to check the validity of the code, so that you can avail the benefits of the same


Making the switch to a healthier way of smoking has a lot of benefit apart from keeping you healthy. This gives you more reasons to consider switching to a healthier alternative. This is the reason why e-cigarettes are suggested to smokers who really find it hard to quit. There are a lot of reasons why electric cigarettes are smoking compared to conventional cigarettes and the health benefits is just one of them.

You can find numerous reviews about these devices which really show just how close this is to the real thing. It would not feel weird to make the transition. Being smokeless, you can smoke inside rooms without worrying about bothering other people about the smoke, the smells, and the risk that they, too, can suffer from second hand exposure. You save yourself and the people around you from the possible risk of conventional smoking if you make the switch to electric cigarettes. If you find the urge to take a drag, you can do it anywhere.

The main reason why cigarettes are expensive is because of carbon tax. Cigarette produces carbon monoxide which produces ill effects to the environment. You can get great savings in using electric cigarettes as it does not produce carbon monoxide making it significantly cheaper compared to tobacco cigarettes. You may be faced with having to purchase the kit the first time, but it is a really great investment. With the V2 Cigs Coupon Code, you can even get great savings on this wonderful device.

Making the switch benefits your health, your savings, the people around you, and the environment. Smoking is considered a form of substance addiction as the fixation causes negative effects to your body. You still get to enjoy the benefits you get from smoking in the healthiest way possible through the use of electronic cigarettes.



V2 Cig Review: Does It Really Work?

2012.08.29 03:51PM

More and more people are using nicotine alternatives in order to stop themselves from smoking. But the question is: is it this really as good as the real thing?

You are now given the option to enjoy a puff of cig minus the worries on how it can affect your health smoking electric cigarettes. There are electric cigarettes that are created to slowing remove your urges and stop you from smoking. Some can continue to smoke to calm their nerve without having to worry about the unwanted effects of tar or carbon monoxide. Whether you prefer to stop or find a healthier alternative, electric cigarettes are worth considering.

Different brands are common topic for reviews. Switching to this alternative can be quite an investment as you need to buy a kit. People really want to make sure if making the switch is really worthwhile. Electric cigarettes are meant to taste the same and satisfy you the same way as you normally smoke a cigarette. If you are planning to shop for the perfect brand, checking V2 Cigs Review compared to other brands is essential.

Great information is available like information on how this compares to the real thing. Also, you can find numerous flavours for cartridges that even talks about how they taste like. This also talks about battery life. Some brands known to have short battery like that you might end up unable to use your electric cigarettes when you are met with the urge to smoke. This can leave you to purchasing a regular pack of smokes which defeats the purpose.

It really helps to get insights from other people who have tied the product for themselves. This makes it easier for you to make the right decision considering that switching to electric cigarette would produce great benefits to your health. Making sure this is effective is really a priority.